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This major US airline, the world’s third largest, had over 500 apps, serving millions of customers around the world, that required constant development and maintenance. They also had 15-20 significant fortnightly releases. Before our strategic partnership, they manually tested their applications, and their QA function could only cover 10% of these. This lack of quality software testing caused significant delays to product releases, took engineers’ valuable time, and impacted app quality.

  • Internal Quality Assurance team manually tested only the most business-critical applications.
  • Had 15-20 major weekly releases and could test only 10% of releases.
  • Introduce automation testing to reduce the overall testing time.
  • Accelerate product releases and improve delivery efficiencies.
Solution Impact

Reduced costs through extensive test automation

Reduced reporting time by 75% with new visual dashboards


For test data creation by using Intelligent Automation

Reduced costs through extensive test automation

Our Solution

Software testing services for airlines must be provided around the clock, without any interruption to services. We swiftly accelerated automated testing for the client, proving the usefulness of test automation to the aviation industry and establishing our credibility as partners. Our team provided software quality engineering, automated testing, and instilled a culture of quality engineering that accelerated the release of new software updates.

Services Involved
Quality Engineering

Software quality engineering in the airline industry increased overall testing efficiency by 80%

Our client is a major US airline operating domestic and global flights. Owing to the complexity of its business operations, the client had an estate of over 500 applications requiring constant development and maintenance, with 15-20 significant new fortnightly releases. Its small, in-house QA team, however, was only able to provide release management assurance for around 50-60 of the most business-critical applications, conducting mainly manual testing with the help of an external vendor.

When we approached the company in 2015 with a proposal for test automation, they agreed to engage three ValueLabs QA professionals to assess what we could do. We provided software testing services and a test automation framework that essentially helped incorporate QA in aviation.

From those humble beginnings, our relationship with the client has grown into a truly strategic partnership. Our five-year journey has seen the client evolve from manual quality assurance to a culture of continuous quality engineering across its entire software delivery organization.


Dharmendra Velivela, Senior Vice President, ValueLabs

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  • Tech Stack

Integrating DevSecOps into the CI-CD pipeline sped up security assessments

As an organization that handles vast amounts of sensitive data, our client conducted manual vulnerability testing for new software releases after the DevOps workflow. That meant that testing added an extra day to the delivery lifecycle. There was no overall visibility of security testing results and relatively late detection of any vulnerabilities, which delayed releases and increased manual rework.

We identified these issues and addressed them for our client by building a custom test automation framework and using automation tools to integrate security testing into the CI/CD workflow. By applying static application security testing (SAST) at the CI stage and dynamic application security testing (DAST) at the CD stage, we created a seamless DevSecOps flow in which vulnerability scanning is conducted automatically.

As a result, release cycles were shortened by a day, developer and tester time were freed up, and vulnerabilities could be identified and remediated much faster because they were picked up earlier in the cycle.

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OneCompany® Model

A five-year journey from one project to an end-to-end partner

From day one of our five-year journey with our client, we’ve distinguished ourselves through our proactive approach, thought leadership, and client-focused mindset. In keeping with our OneCompany® ethos, we have consistently taken on our client’s challenges as our own and found swift and effective solutions. While this obviously includes our software testing services and our test automation, we do more than other companies might.

When our client started to run out of floor space for our growing team at their offices in downtown Chicago, we leased a floor in the building opposite theirs and had it up and running in under a month. And when COVID-19 hit the airline industry and we had to ramp down the team, our remaining team members worked around the clock in shifts to ensure vital passenger-facing functionality went live with no defects.

Our successful partnership is a prime example of our OneCompany® ethos in action.

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Business Impact

We worked closely with the client to move from one automation project into a partnership that saw us embed Quality Engineering into every stage of the development process. This is because our test automation framework and other software testing solutions provided real business solutions, such as:

  • Over 70% automation achieved for regression testing, freeing time and resources
  • Reduced time for release cycles by one day, automating manual security testing




Test creation time


Time taken to prepare performance test reports

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