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Maritime Risk Rating

Unlocking digital transformation strategy for a leading risk rating company in the maritime industry.

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Our client is a leading risk rating company for shipping vessels based out of Melbourne, Australia. They provide value to customers by attributing accurate risk ratings to available cargo transports. Founded in 2001, the business aims to offer logistics organizations a means of understanding and measuring the risk involved in sea transportation. They have a particular focus on raising safety standards within the industry.

Quality assurance
Using cloud services
Real-time data warehouse
Real-time reporting
  • Faster assessment of accurate risk ratings for ships and barges.
  • Developing and improving the business’s existing vetting application.
  • Integrating third-party services and revolutionizing its approach to data warehousing.
  • Effective data management solution with accurate and reliable data.
Our Solution

Our partnership with the company started in 2015. They engaged ValueLabs based on our ability to elevate their data architecture. The digital infrastructure would allow accurate risk ratings to be attributed to ships and barges as quickly as possible. This involved developing and improving the business’s existing vetting application, integrating third-party services, and revolutionizing its approach to data warehousing.

  • Built and implemented a real-time rating system that predicts shipping risk in seconds rather than hours
  • Automated end-to-end Web API and web applications testing
  • Auto-scalability and 95% reduction in batch processing time, ensuring all vessel data is accurate and up-to-date
Solution Impact

Real-time rating system

Built and implemented a system that predicts shipping risk in seconds rather than hours


Reduction in the system load

By implementing API-based custom rules


Reduction in the duration of

Batch processing by drastically improving the accuracy of the information available

Services Involved
Software Development & Quality Engineering

Developing, implementing, and testing a risk rating application for shipping vessels

The leading risk rating company for shipping vessels wanted to enable QA audit for the previous version of their Ship Vetting Information System (SVIS) without much manual intervention. We partnered up in 2015 to develop and enhance their existing vetting platform. Our team built an automated vetting platform for the client in .NET as the backend and Angular as the frontend. The old system was built on VB.NET and the users used to change the data for rating evaluation manually. We have provided 24/7 production support for business continuity & handle business queries.

We began by building a real-time vetting platform that calculates risk ratings for shipping vessels. We automated end-to-end testing for web applications and Web API to streamline the process. We also tested the load and benchmarked the application to quickly provide a fast and reliable result to increase operational efficiency.

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Software Development & Quality Engineering
Data Warehouse, Data Migration, & Reporting

Improving the accuracy of risk ratings with intelligent data warehousing

Our client was looking for a real-time data warehouse for their vessel rating and prediction system to integrate with the client’s vetting platform (AWS event-driven architecture), which captures every activity in the system. We aimed to ensure real-time data availability for business reports and decisions and to build a star schema architecture for the fact, dimension, and mart.

We built a data warehouse for the client using Snowflake, which provides fast computation and out-of-the-box integration. It captures every activity within the application, performs data migration for risk rating calculation, and offers real-time history updates for shipping vessels.

Our efforts ensured faster and more reliable results in a shorter duration. With auto-scalability, the batch processing time is reduced by 95%, helping us provide real-time vessel data.

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Data Warehouse, Data Migration, & Reporting
Business Impact

With their predictive online ship vetting platform and our expertise, the client was able to help their customers manage marine risk. By consistently delivering high-quality products and services on time and round-the-clock support, we gained the client’s trust and became a valued partner. In ensuring the business had the digital tools and infrastructure necessary to make real-time risk calculations, we also improved the value of the client’s services. This has helped them to achieve their strategic goals and maintain their position as an industry leader.


Reduced system loads


Product support

Real-time data

Available for reports & decisions

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