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Press Release

ValueLabs teams with Hootsuite to deliver Social Marketing Solutions

Hyderabad, India, March 9, 2016 – ValueLabs, a global leader in enterprise consulting and system integration services, has announced that it will work with Hootsuite to deliver solutions for managing social media campaigns, marketing and advertising. Hootsuite is the most widely used platform for managing social media.

According to a 451 Research report, the market for social business applications is expected to grow from $13.9 billion in revenue in 2014 to $37 billion in 2019. Enterprises are investing in social relationship platforms to understand and map social conversations about every aspect of their structures and functions – from engineering and product development, to marketing and sales.

ValueLabs will focus on multiple social media solutions to address major business and technology challenges. The key solutions that will be employed to overcome these challenges include:

  • Content creation, scheduling, publishing and moderation
  • Collaboration, workflow and approval management
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Marketing campaign automation
  • Integration with legacy marketing and analytics platforms
  • Strategic social media consulting services

“Hootsuite fits naturally into our product portfolio,” said Ram Manjeri, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ValueLabs. “Many of the services we offer help organizations enhance communication by becoming a more agile, connected and customer-focused business. With this partnership, we combine Hootsuite’s strong social relationship platform and our proven domain and technology expertise to create industry-specific digital marketing solutions. Hootsuite is a world-class solution that integrates with many of the other existing offerings in our portfolio,” he added.


“We’re thrilled to have ValueLabs as an official Hootsuite Solution Partner,” Kevin O’Brien, Vice President of Partners at Hootsuite, said in a statement. “ValueLabs’ services expertise and knowledge of digital media solutions will be a strong asset to our clients as they develop and integrate social into their strategic initiatives,” he said.


Hootsuite is the most widely used platform for managing social media, loved by over 10 million people around the globe and trusted by more than 800 of the Fortune 1,000. The Hootsuite App Directory gives customers the ability to integrate Hootsuite with more than 150 best-of-breed solutions, ranging from CRM, customer support, and marketing automation to deep listening and analytics.

About ValueLabs

ValueLabs is a leading business technology services and solutions provider catering to over 150 customers through 25 offices spread globally. Drawing on more than 5000 employees, innovative solutions and a flexible extended team engagement model, the company helps its clients stay ahead of the learning curve, drive revenues, and enhance market position. It has several long-standing client relationships, with the average tenure of its top 15 clients being more than nine years. Over nearly two decades since its inception, thriving on the principles of Perfection, Love, Unselfishness and Strength (PLUS), the company is ‘inspired by potential’ and is a firm believer in the Company as a Platform (CaaP) concept. Its services span across consulting, digital solutions, software product and application development, maintenance, quality assurance, infrastructure and product engineering services for leading organizations across verticals.

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