Quality Assurance – where Quality and Time-to-Market are of the essence

Organizations are facing challenges as a result of increased complexity in conducting businesses. The need to follow the changing regulations and meet the increasing client demands has never been more important. This has resulted in increased dependency on Quality Assurance / Testing to help maintain and enhance the quality, robustness and reliability. However, the increasing complexity of distributed teams, real-time software products / applications is creating a multiplicity of challenges for the testing teams.

The focus of organizations in the Quality Assurance (QA) industry is drastically shifting towards breaking down the barriers between development and testing teams, and fostering streamlined communication between them. To exceed quality and usability expectations, it has become inevitable for organizations to adapt and align development and testing processes to factors like Agile Testing and DevOps. In addition, the unavailability of real-time dashboards is hindering intelligent decision making, in turn affecting the time-to-market. Establishing a single framework within which both teams can work, leads to reduced project uncertainty and improved performance.

Leveraging its extensive experience of handling several projects in the QA / Testing space, ValueLabs has built a reliable, robust and comprehensive testing solution to address various testing needs and challenges. Our solutions brings a holistic approach to testing by integrating the various stages of testing to significantly reduce testing costs, while improving accuracy and test coverage.

Our solutions ensures collaboration between users, testers, developers and stakeholders, and helps customers achieve faster time-to-market for their products / applications and solutions, enhance ROI, and deliver a superior end-user experience while reducing the total cost of testing. Enterprises are looking for business application availability, and in order to ensure business availability underlying infrastructure, processes and tools must be tightly integrated. This is exactly what our solutions aims for.

Some of the immediate benefits that can be derived from our solutions include:

  • Standardization and automation of test processes across the testing life cycle
  • Facilitation of collaboration between users, developers, testers and stakeholders for faster time-to-market
  • Improved governance with standardization of processes and better visibility through real-time comprehensive dashboards
  • Enhanced test effectiveness with analytics-based insights on test deployment readiness of an application / product / software
  • Reduction in test automation efforts

This cohesive test management solution seamlessly integrates with multiple test tools based on different technologies across SDLC (automation and management, requirements, test environments, continuous integration, and build and test data). It provides a unified approach to various stages of testing, and can be delivered on the cloud, and integrated with existing client and on-premise systems.

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