AI Powered Chatbot

An AI-powered chatbot is a computer program that leverages artificial intelligence technologies to simulate human-like conversation. It can communicate with users through text as well as voice interfaces. Key characteristics include:

1. Natural Language Understanding: Interpreting user inputs in text or voice format accounting for context, intent, etc.
2. Dialog Management: Maintaining context over multi-turn conversations.
3. Response Generation: Dynamically generating relevant responses using AI models rather than predefined responses.
4. Multimodal I/O: Ability to receive inputs and provide outputs in text as well as voice/audio formats.
5. Continuous Learning: Some are designed to continuously improve through conversations.
6. Integration: Can integrate with other systems for task assistance or information retrieval.
7. Natural Language Generation: Converting internal data representations into natural language texts or voice outputs.

The voice capabilities allow users to have hands-free, conversational interactions using natural speech. Text-to-speech and speech recognition technologies enable the voice interface of these chatbots.

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