Neural Network

A neural network is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) designed to mimic the behavior of the human brain. It comprises of interconnected nodes, or neurons, that are organized into layers. Each neuron receives input from other neurons and processes that input to produce an output signal, which is then passed on to other neurons. The strength of the connections between neurons is determined by a set of weights, which are adjusted during the learning process. This allows the neural network to learn and adapt to new data over time.

Neural networks are used in a wide range of applications, from image and speech recognition to natural language processing and predictive analytics. They are particularly well-suited for tasks that involve pattern recognition and classification, such as identifying objects in images or predicting customer behavior based on past purchasing patterns.

One key advantage of neural networks is their ability to learn and adapt to new data. This allows them to improve their accuracy and performance over time, making them a powerful tool for solving complex problems in various industries.

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