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Web3 & Blockchain Consulting

Web3, built on programmable blockchains, has been remodeling businesses worldwide by becoming the new decentralized distributed layer sitting atop the current web infrastructure. Over the last decade, blockchain technology has affected low cost, near real-time transfer of value, digitization of assets, transparent record-keeping, and digital intermediaries. At ValueLabs, we have embraced this new technological paradigm and have driven enterprise-wide adoption of blockchain development services across sectors, leveraging our significant knowledge and experience in blockchain consulting.

Our Approach to Web3 Development

At ValueLabs, operating in a new market like Web3 development has necessitated the development of various software accelerators and business enablers. Be it NFT marketplaces, facilitating micro-payments, or building decentralized identity services – our experts are skilled at identifying the right kind of technology and integrations needed when progressing towards Web3 applications.

With our unique blockchain development services, we can work closely with you to help identify opportunities for blockchain technology and Web3 services initiatives across your line of business and for your customers to unlock tangible business outcomes. We also cut through the hype and assist you by offering blockchain consulting services that include strategic advisory, implementation, operations, and maintenance.

Our Web3 Development Services

With smart contracts, it is possible to build and execute code on-chain that can reduce paperwork, enable frictionless cross-border payments, and attain cost-efficiency. Our highly dedicated blockchain developers have hands-on experience with various tools and networks to develop customized smart contracts.

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)  have become the new powerhouse of the decade. Creators such as artists and writers often struggle to monetize their IP through licensing. An artist’s work created as an NFT acts as a unique proof of ownership and is one way to boost the creator economy. We are working with multiple customers across numerous industries who are keen on promoting their brands and exploring the full potential of NFT marketplaces.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have become synonymous with digital communities of governance. At ValueLabs, we are helping our customers build specific DAOs that cater to multiple requirements such as funding new ventures, participating in quadratic voting, and issuing governance tokens.

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