The 'NOW' Solution

Minimize risk, drive ROI, and readily adopt the future trends in IT, through a ServiceNow strategy with ValueLabs

For many businesses around the world, ServiceNow starts off as just a small piece of the puzzle. And by making that initial move into a particular service the gains from it are clear – each area of a business can be transformed and modernized independently. But only up to a point. What about when your business needs to move beyond that, and take a more holistic approach to the future? What if the future means you need to create more cohesion across the business and bring it all together, including the people, technology, and solutions within it?

Our ServiceNow expertise combined with many years of experience in product development, data technology, digital services, and the business lifecycle means we can create, optimize, and deliver personalized solutions across your business. You can make best use of your current ServiceNow set up in a wide range of areas, such as:

Our ServiceNow Capabilities

So you’ve started your journey with ServiceNow but perhaps you need help to get the most out of it to gain even more value from your investment? We can help, handling everything from transformation, upgrades, building new modules and custom apps, or enabling automations. We can get you started through comprehensive consultation and then work alongside you with ongoing projects.

Transformation is always around the corner, wherever you are in your journey. We can assist with organization-wide digital transformation, shift-left strategies, and automations. We can help you shift resources and budgets towards innovation and improve your business’ ability to respond to shifts in your industry, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Take your ServiceNow platform to the next level. We can provide development of the platform using out-of-the-box features as well as adding a variety of scripts to meet your requirements. As experts in integration and automation across modules, we’ll be able to assist you in achieving up to 70% automation of your IT services. That could mean huge cost and time savings across the business.

Sometimes the best – or only way – to bridge your app requirements is to consider a custom ServiceNow app. Our certified ServiceNow app developers will analyze your functionality requirements and design and deliver your custom app in a reasonable time frame

With a certified team of test engineers, we can check your ServiceNow functionality thoroughly, testing anything from integrations, performance, and security to usability and data quality. Everything you need to ensure your solution complies fully with the requirements of your business.

Operational Enhancements

Integration of ServiceNow with third-party applications, and monitoring of tools. Migration of third-party tools administration data into ServiceNow.

Use of ServiceNow to automate and align business service workflows across the organization, to support the core mission.

Delivery of prefabricated processes and capabilities based on industry best practice and ValueLabs’ proven practices.

Automate routine tasks to reduce manual labor. Reduce wait times and increase speed to resolution. Reduce transactional errors while driving higher compliance and reducing risk.

We offer end-to-end solutions that start with concept and strategy. Our architects work with you to design, build, and maintain functional technology solutions. We act as the bridge between your business and technology stakeholders, converting business requirements into technical architecture. This way, your solutions disrupt the market while always driving business value.

Case Studies

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Value Addition

Reduce end user and support user training time by up to 40%
Enable rapid response for P1-P2 and improve efficiency by up to 60%
Upscale end user engagement by up to 50%
Enhance the user experience and improve customer satisfaction by up to 40%
Reduce meantime to repair by up to 15-20%
Increase cost efficiencies by up to 15-30%
Improve self-heal and automate request fulfilment by up to 20-40%
Upscale industrialization by up to 60-70%
Disclaimer: *Business outcome vary from use-case to use-case

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