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Based in Australia, the company partnered with several of the shipping industry’s largest companies to roll out a program to eradicate questionable practices that could endanger the safety of crews, ships, and the environment.

Time lag
High cost
Lack of integration
  • Increase revenues with partner integrations for more than 260 customers and their business units through real-time ship risk ratings.
  • Decrease operational costs through Web Services test automation service.
  • Have a stable system with better accuracy and more features.
  • Successfully integrate with the third-party applications.
Our Solution

We planned on performing QA Audit for the previous version of their Ship Vetting Information System (SVIS) Information System (SVIS) without manual intervention while simultaneously enhancing their existing vetting platform. The next agenda was integration with various third-party services.

Solution Impact

Real-time data warehouse

Developed and integrated it with the client’s vetting platform.

Real-time data usage

Ensured the client and their customers helped in the decision-making process.


Provided production support to handle business queries.

Our Approach

Per our client’s business requirements, we built an automated vetting platform for the client in .NET as the backend and Angular as the frontend. The existing system was built on an older .NET framework and the users used to change the data for rating evaluation manually. We have provided 24/7 production support for business continuity & handle business queries.

Our Approach
Test automation service to provide deliverables in real-time

A significant percentage of the client’s revenue is derived from its ability to provide customers with real-time risk ratings for specific maritime vessels. The value of the ratings they provide depends on the accuracy and reliability of the data used to calculate these ratings. The client needed to ensure that the data was up-to-date and delivered as quickly as possible to maximize the value of its services.

While the team successfully deployed the new vetting system, they went a step ahead. They developed and implemented automated testing processes for the app. Our efforts minimized the amount of manual intervention in the process, guaranteeing a stable, error-free digital system. We also provided comprehensive, 24/7 product support for the application.

Tech Stack
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Created a vetting platform that calculates risk rating for shipping vessels

While the principal challenge involved reducing the amount of time it took to make risk calculations, our client also faced several other hurdles. In particular, the client wanted to improve third-party integration and significantly reduce the amount of manual intervention involved in the vetting process.

Facing tough deadlines, we successfully deployed the new vetting system. This reduced calculation time from hours to minutes. The team also implemented an API-based custom rule system that reduced system load by 80%. This dramatically improved the accuracy of risk ratings by ensuring all data was as current as possible. Ultimately, we helped the client to increase revenues by improving integration with more than 260 of their customers.

Created a vetting platform that calculates risk rating for shipping vessels
Business Impact

We built a comprehensive vetting platform that calculates real-time risk ratings for shipping vessels while automating end-to-end testing load and benchmarked applications. We employed agile software development and software quality engineering solutions to successfully provide accurate and efficient results swiftly while significantly reducing operational costs.


Reduction in system load by implementing an API-based custom rule

Increased revenues

with partner ValueLabs integrations for more than 260 customers


Reduction in batch processing time ensuring accuracy of vessel data

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